PA Arabs Killed in IDF Rescue of Undercover Unit

Four Palestinian Authority Arabs were killed Wednesday when IDF forces stormed Ramallah to rescue an undercover unit exposed during an anti-terror operation.

Hana Levi Julian, | updated: 18:41

The PA declared a day of mourning on Thursday in protest. Businesses will be closed for the day, according to Ynet news service.

Undercover troops from the elite Duvdevan unit entered the city to arrest a top terrorist identified as Mohammed Shubaki, head of the Islamic Jihad terror organization in Kalkilya.

Shubaki served 20 months of a 20-year sentence in an Israeli prison, according to Haaretz news service, quoting family sources. He was released last year.
Soldiers succeeded in capturing and arresting the fugitive. The arrest was confirmed by Islamic Jihad in a phone call to The Associated Press.

The IDF soldiers were confronted by hundreds of rioting PA Arabs, hurling rocks, firebombs and cement blocks. The Duvdevan undercover car was fired on as they drove in Manara Square in the center of Ramallah, where they were surrounded by the mob. Gunmen shot at the soldiers, who fired back. Demonstrators later torched their vehicle.

IDF ground forces rushed into the city to rescue the embattled unit. Hundreds of Arabs attacked the army reinforcements and chased them as they drove away from the square. One soldier was lightly wounded from a rock thrown at him during the clash.

Four Arabs were killed and some 30 injured in the battle, according to Haaretz. IDF troops arrested. The demonstrators continued to riot after the unit pulled out of the city.

An Israeli Arab was also lightly injured in a separate incident by PA Arabs throwing stones at his vehicle in Hawara, a village located south of Shechem.

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