Senior Islamic Jihad Terrorist killed in Gaza Air Strike

A top Islamic Jihad terrorist responsible for the launching of Kassam rockets at Israel, Muhammed Dahdouh, was killed in an IAF targeted strike in Gaza City on Saturday evening. <BR><br/><BR><br/>

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Debbie Berman, | updated: 23:10

The missile was fired at a vehicle near the Gaza home of Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Mahmoud al-Zahar. The target, Dahdouh, was the senior Al-Quds Brigade terrorist responsible for the production and launching of Kassam rockets for attacks on the Negev region in Israel, as well as additional terrorist activity.

Two women and a four-year-old girl were also killed in the strike, and additional people in the surrounding area were wounded.

Muhammad Dahdhouh, aged 40, was the brother of Khaled Dahdouh, a terrorist recently killed by Israeli security forces in a car bombing in Gaza.

Al-Quds Brigades spokesperson Abu Ahmed claimed that his organization planned to avenge Dahdhouh’s killing. "The revenge for the killing of Muhammad Dahdouh will come soon and will be painful," he said. "Today we have lost another hero, but the Israeli government will drink the same bitter drink that Dadouh's family and our people have been swallowing for a long time. All possible means of resistance will be used."