Giant Anti-Retreat Rally Scheduled in Washington

A massive pro-Israel, anti-withdrawal rally will be held in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, coinciding with PM Olmert's request for billions of dollars to aid the retreat.

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Hillel Fendel, | updated: 13:37

The protestors will urge U.S. President Bush not to provide aide for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert unilateral retreat plan, which has been condemned on both sides of the political spectrum. Sponsored by B'Nai Elim, AFSI, and other groups, the Washington rally is scheduled for Tuesday, May 23rd at 12:00 noon in Taft Park adjacent to the Capitol Building.

Some 200 Jewish and Christian organizations have already announced their participation. For instance, buses will be leaving from Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters in New York at 6 AM from the corner of President and Kingston Sts.

At the same time, outside the American Consulate on Agron St. in Jerusalem, Land of Israel loyalists will submit a "historic letter" to President Bush via the consulate staff. The letter states, inter alia,

"We were never partner to your vision of the creation of a Palestinian state - their second state; the other one is Jordan - on historic parcels of the Land of the Bible, the inheritance of the Jewish People... We objected also for practical reasons, knowing that the new state would be an Islamic terror state, as has happened.

"However, with all the disagreements, we sense that basically, you are a friend of Israel and the Jewish People, and that is why you are popular in Israel. We permit ourselves to turn to the friend that our people have in the White House and ask you not to support the plan of our Prime Minister - a plan that means... destroying the moral basis of the existence of the State of Israel, and, worse than that, the entry of Hizbullah, Al-Qaeda, [and] Iran to within zero range of Jerusalem and the rest of Israel."

The letter also decries the unilateral nature of the program, the "ethnic cleansing" and uprooting of Jews it will bring, and the strengthening of terrorism that will follow.

The letter concludes with two points:

"Please remember, Mr. President, that the philosophy behind the one-sided retreat, which has already brought Hamas to power, is leftist, liberal and defeatist - the exact opposite of the worldview you lead and that which you want to bring to the American people and the world in the war against this fundamentalist-Islamic-terrorist enemy...

"The 'convergence' plan is opposed to America's vital interests, giving power to Damascus- and Iran-funded Hamas in the most strategic and sensitive place in the Middle East...

"If Olmert asks you to help him commit suicide, do what any true friend would do. Tell him No!"

Information about buses leaving from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut can be had by writing to or From elsewhere in the country, write to

Those who cannot attend are asked to call or fax the White House and register their opinions about the plan. For particulars, see

B'Nai Elim announces that Olmert "plans to speak before Congress in order to ask for approximately $10 billion in loan guarantees to implement his plans to force Jews off their lands in Judea and Samaria. Another deportation/ethnic cleansing scheme? Never Again! ... It is important to make Mr. Olmert aware that we do not accept his parceling away of any Israeli land to the Pan-Arab/Palestinians. After the Gaza/Gush Katif fiasco, there can be no more pullouts. There can be no more land grabs by the Islamists who wish to 'Wipe out the infidels to the last.' ... It is imperative that every Zionist help in keeping Israel safe and whole!"

Organizer Jonathan Silverman says,
"The Prime Minister seeks to secure the approval of President Bush to carry out more Jewish expulsions and giveaways of land to Hamas (a Tehran-sponsored terrorist group) - actions that totally undermine America's war on terror. 'All it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing.' We cannot afford to remain silent!"