Hamas Publishes Hate Comics for Kids

The Hamas terrorist organization, ruler of the Palestinian Authority, has been publishing comics educating Arab children to hate the State of Israel and support terrorism against the Jewish State.

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Scott Shiloh, | updated: 14:00

For years, the Hamas has been investing substantial resources to ensure that its hatred of Jews and Israel is successfully passed on to the younger generation. Much of that money has been devoted to devising educational programs, beginning in nursery school, to teach children to aspire to kill Jews and destroy the Jewish State.

The Hamas, which refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist, evidently has decided that comics provide an effective way of inculcating its core values into school children.

Palestinian Media Watch (www.pmw.org.il), in an effort to bring the Hamas’ hate comics to the attention of the world media, has translated two comic strips which are reproduced below. The original comics can also be viewed directly on the Hamas website.

The first comic is a story called “Dangerous Games.” Two children find toys in the street. But the toys are actually bombs planted by the “evil Zionists.”

Another comic strip teaches Arab youth to support and partake in terrorism to “liberate” Israel from “Zionist thieves.”