Join the A7 Workforce at NY´s Salute to Israel Day Parade

Join the Arutz Sheva workforce for one-day during the Salute to Israel Day Parade and Concert, on Sunday June 4, 2006 in New York City. Promote Arutz Sheva, and earn cash for your efforts.

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We are hiring energetic, outgoing, motivated, and ideologically strong individuals who identify with Arutz Sheva's News and Radio. Team members can earn up to $200. Promoters will also receive Arutz Sheva hats and t-shirts.

Promoters will be charged with the task of subscribing parade and concert goers to Arutz Sheva's Daily Email News Report, and distributing Arutz Sheva giveaways. Compensation will be based on individual success.

In addition to our presence along the parade route, Arutz Sheva's will be broadcasting live from the Free Salute to Israel Concert in Central Park. Over 50,000 supporters are expected. INR's Tovia Singer and Alex Traiman will host the special broadcast.

Please contact us to help promote Arutz Sheva, and forward this message anyone else who may be interested. For more information and to become part of the Arutz Sheva team, please email: