IDF Captures Terrorist, Thwarts Attack

The IDF besieged a house in which a high-ranking Islamic Jihad terrorist was hiding, arresting him and killing a woman in the process. An attack apparently planned for Independence Day was thwarted.

Hana Levi Julian and Hillel Fendel, | updated: 15:42

Terrorist Iyad Abdullah refused to come out when IDF soldiers surrounded the hideout and demanded his surrender. IDF Central Command sources said the suspect was “a high-ranking Islamic Jihad fugitive involved in a number of attacks against Israel.”

Soldiers from the elite Duvdevan unit fired in the air as a warning when Abdullah defied the order. “After calling on him to go out, the soldiers fired live bullets in the air and then they identified suspects moving by the window and directed their fire at them,” said the IDF spokesman.

Abdullah surrendered and was taken for interrogation by security forces, after a 90-minute siege. In the course of the siege, a woman in the house was killed, and her two daughters were wounded by soldiers’ fire.

The IDF issued an apology and announced that it would begin an investigation into the incident.

In other security news, it was announced today that an apparent terrorist attack scheduled for this Wednesday, Independence Day, was foiled. A Palestinian terrorist was arrested in Jericho with a bomb in his possession, and his plans to detonate it in the coming days was revealed in interrogation. The would-be murderer planned to blow himself up in a crowded area in Haifa. He said he was sent by Islamic Jihad terrorists from Jenin.

Meanwhile, IDF leaflets fluttered down onto northern Gaza Monday morning, notifying residents that shelling and other military activities would continue as long as Kassam rocket attacks are launched at Israel from their region.

The IDF fired heavy artillery into northern Gaza on Monday after a Kassam rocket landed south of Ashkelon on Sunday night.

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