Police Block March, Fake Hevron 'Event Canceled' Notices Posted

Police and soldiers blocked hundreds of Binyamin residents from marching from Beit El to Dolev and Talmonim Sunday - a march aimed at reopening the road connecting Binyamin to the Modiin region.

Ezra HaLevi, | updated: 12:55

The IDF declared the region a closed military zone, but residents attempted to march anyway. The few hundred youth that had gathered attempted to break through the blockade, but were repelled. The army called in reinforcements from the Yassam riot police and at least three people were detained.

Despite the reinforcements, the youth deployed along the length of Beit El's outer limits and succeeded in bypassing the security forces.

Reporter Shlomo Wollins was bruised by a police commander who shoved him repeatedly despite his displaying his government issued press card. He was dragged to a police vehicle as other reporters documented the event.

The 9 mile route was to be filled with marchers, bicyclists and motorists but due to rainfall was easily blocked off by six army jeeps and a few dozen police and soldiers.

Organizers told Arutz-7 that the aim of the march was "to register our protest at the cutting off of Beit El and the Binyamin region communities from the Modiin region." They added that due to the closure of the Atarot road and the continued building of the Partition Wall, residents have to take long circuitous routes to get to their place of work, harming their livelihood and lifestyles.

"Against the current flow of surrender, restrictions, closures and checkpoints we will take to the open fields – strengthening the outposts and marching and traveling to every place in the Land of Israel," organizers declared on posters posted around Israel. "Instead of destruction will come expansion as we travel on all the thoroughfares of our forefathers."

Hevron Event Taking Place on Schedule Despite Disinformation
The large concert and gala Passover event set to take place in Hevron Sunday and Monday began as planned, despite fraudulent billboard notifications throughout Jerusalem claiming it had been cancelled.

The Cave of the Patriarchs (Ma'arat HaMachpela) will be opened exclusively
to Jews, including the Isaac and Rebecca Hall, and the IDF will be out in force to ensure the holiday extravaganza passes without incident.

Walking tours will be offered to visitors as well as live musical entertainment and more. Buses leave from Jerusalem's Central Bus Station and International Conference Center throughout the day.