"Dear Adults, Now It´s Your Turn"

A 16-year-old resident of Beit El in Judea/Samaria wrote the following exhortation to his neighbors, in light of the Face-to-Face get-out-the-religious/right-wing-vote campaign currently underway.

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Ilan Maeir, | updated: 11:23

(Click here to read about the volunteer Face-to-Face campaign currently underway and referred to below.)

• We, the Youth - gave up our summer vacation and went around giving out orange ribbons.

• We, the Youth - were in Kfar Maimon, where you asked us not to go wild, so we didn't.

• We, the Youth - sat with self-sacrifice on roads and highways in order to prevent the expulsion.

• We, the Youth - were arrested and tried by a twisted system of "law and order."

• We, the Youth - sat for days and weeks in prison, sometimes in indescribably harsh conditions.

• We, the Youth - marched for many kilometers in the fields of the south in order to save the Gush.

• We, the Youth - lived in crowded conditions in Gush Katif because we believed that in this way we could prevent the uprooting.

• We, the Youth - we were hit in our heads and all over our bodies in Amona by wild men known as "law enforcers."

And you, the adults - and excuse me for the generalization - mainly supported us from behind. You told us, "Yasher koach, great job, what wonderful youth!" You told us, "We have jobs and family." And you know something? You were right. At that time, what we did was our job.

But now, the moment of truth has arrived. And now we say to you that the "Face to Face" campaign is your job. Now it's your turn.

• Now it's your turn. Because you told us, "You have to look at the long-range."

• Now it's your turn. Because there's no chance that the average secular person will pay real attention to a young 16-year-old.

• Now it's your turn. Because to tell the truth, it's hard for us to know how to explain and persuade someone who doesn't believe.

• Now it's your turn. Because according to the natural course of events, if a Kadima government is formed, it won't leave a single stone in place here.

• Now it's your turn. Because if you stay at home now, it's not clear that you'll have a home to stay in later.

• Now it's your turn. Because if you say, "I can't leave my job," how do you know that later you'll have a job at all? - see entry for "Gush Katif residents."

• Now it's your turn. Because it's better to go face-to-face with the residents of Petach Tikvah than with those in the black uniforms.

• Now it's your turn, and please do it with all your souls, so that it won't soon be our turn again.

Please, mom and dad, go out to Tel Aviv or somewhere else today. We'll take care of the rest.