Hamas Child Terror Site Updated With Story of ´Girl´s Heroism´

The Hamas-run web site promoting suicide terrorism to children has been updated with a new illustrated story glorifying a young girl’s suicide attack against Zionists.

Ezra HaLevi, | updated: 20:07

The story, entitled “A Palestinian Girl's Heroism,” describes how the young girl calmly progresses, step by step, though the planning and execution of the terror attack, in which she dies. In death she is said to be "smiling, lying on the grass, because she died as a Shahida, martyr for Allah, for Palestine."

“The illustration with the story on the web shows a young smiling girl with four candles,” a report by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) points out. “The image of a living, smiling child in a story about the death of a child appears to echo a familiar message in PA children's education, that those who die as Shahids (Martyrs for Allah) are not really dead.”

After PMW originally published a report on the Al-Fateh web site encouraging children to seek martyrdom, and after the Arutz-7 article on the report was featured on the Drudge Report, the Hamas site’s Russian server (CORBINA TELECOM Network Operations) immediately closed down the website on March 9, 2006. The site reopened a couple of days later, however, and is now being hosted by a Malaysian web hoster (Eastgate;Telekom Multimedia of Telekom Malaysia Berhad;Telekom Exchange II, Jalan Lingkaran Fauna).

The following is a translation of the new short story on the Al-Fateh web site:

A Palestinian Girl's Heroism
"Suad, the bright Palestinian girl, remembered what the Zionist criminals did when they killed her father and mother.

"One day while Suad was walking, she heard a voice from the trees. She turned and saw three men planting land-mines on the road leading to the Zionist camp.

"Suad kept on walking. After a while, she saw a car with some Zionists and an idea popped into her mind. She walked to the officer who was in the car, and told him: ‘I'll lead you to Palestinian Fida'yon (literally: self sacrificing fighters) in return for food, because I am hungry.’

"The officer was afraid of the Fida'yon's reputation, and didn't believe what Suad told him.

"He then said to his soldiers: "Take her to the camp so we will clarify her story." In the camp, the soldiers brought food to Suad, so she would lead them to the Fida'yon. She told them: ‘Before I taste any food, I must lead you to the Fida'yon.’

"The officer was very happy and told his soldiers: ‘Let's go fast.’

"On the way, Suad got ready to carry out her plan. She decided to cause the car to ride over the land-mines, so that all of the soldiers would die.

"Suad sat next to the driver, to direct him, and she led him to the land-mines. Then the [car] blew-up and all of the soldiers were killed. As for Suad, well she became a Shahida (Martyr for Allah) on the grass, while smiling, because she died as a Shahida for Palestine".
[Al-Fateh - Hamas Website, March 15, 2006].

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