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  Cheshvan 27, 5766 , 29/11/05

Now on air: "Asteroids, Comets and the End of Days"

Some say that in the End Of Days, Earth could be hit by an asteroid or meteor shower that could destroy whole cities and cause a massive death toll to humanity, .

How Dangerous are Earth-Crossing Objects?
NASA Science News November 2005:
Earth is orbiting through a swarm of space debris that may be producing an unusual number of nighttime fireballs.

Could we be facing something deadly? Is this G-d's way to dole out justice on different nations of the world? Should we be afraid, and is there any way to stop this from happening?

Find out more about the Messianic era and what we might expect to see happen around the world in the near future with guest, Yacov Tabak, PhD . Hear how he sites sources in Jewish writings that may not be so pleasant to hear.

Dr. Tabak speaks about projections (not predictions) and he answers YOUR questions now, on 'The Tamar Yonah Show'.

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