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  Av 12, 5780 , 02/08/20

Bennett: 'Every carrier currently infecting less than one'

Former Defense Minister and Yamina Chairman Naftali Bennett published a post entitled "Encouraging news. R is less than 1.

"For the very first time since the beginning of the second wave Israel has reduced the infection rate below threshold 1. In other words, every carrier is currently infecting less than one person. This means that if the Israeli public continues to behave properly, the epidemic will go away."

Bennett points out that "precisely now, even more efforts must be made to dramatically reduce the coefficient, in order to eradicate coronavirus and begin the work of rehabilitating the livelihoods of Israeli citizens."

"The analysis was performed by the same group I've been using since the beginning of the crisis, while Defense Minister — this is the group at Hebrew University. Over time, I've found that they're the most solid and accurate."

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