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  Cheshvan 9, 5775 , 02/11/14

Arabs Throw Stones at Jewish Highschoolers, Police Fail to Respond

A group of high school students on a field trip to the village of Lifta, on the western outskirts of Jerusalem, sat near one of the springs to eat their breakfast. Arab students, located at the other end of the area, sat among themselves, ostensibly enjoying the greenery, as well. Minutes after the Arab group left, the Israeli students heard a noise. Upon lifting their heads to the hill above the spring, the high school students along with their adult guide discovered the source of the noise - a group of five or six Arab youths, from the group that had recently been sitting in their vicinity, had started to throw stones and rocks at them.

The educational guide that accompanied the group, speaking to Arutz Sheva, said that during the attack, there was nothing they could really do but huddle back, as there was nothing to block the onslaught of stones save one or two trees that stood between them and their attackers. 

The group quickly called the police, who responded with indifference but said they would send a unit, which they disdained to do. The group sat trapped in the attack for close to three hours waiting for the patrol car that never arrived. The identities of the students and the the teacher accompanying them are not being publicized.

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