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  אלול 3, 5774 , 29/08/14

3 Arabs Arrested for Damaging Car on Route 443

The IDF website reported yesterday (Thursday) that three Arabs had been arrested during a routine security check at the Ofer checkpoint on Route 443. As the occupants of the car exhibited suspicious behavior, they were detained so that the matter could be looked into more thoroughly. The three objected to being pulled aside, and tried to move past.

Shortly thereafter, a police squad car pulled up and made it clear that they were pursuing this car, which had members of a group that liked to terrorize drivers along Route 443, and in this case they had attacked an Israeli car, breaking windows and windshields, and kicking the body of the car until it was severely dented.

The police said this is not the first time this group had struck in trying to frighten people travelling along this part of road.

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