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  אב 28, 5774 , 24/08/14

Another Challenge for Dairy Farmers - Cows Killed by Rocket Fire

Hundreds of cows have died since the onset of Hamas rocket fire on the south. Not only does it threaten the livelihood of the dairy farmers, but also their ability to come up with the needed supply of milk throughout the country on a daily basis.

A clear example of this took place this afternoon (Sunday) when Kibbutz Nirim received a direct hit right next to its dairy barn, which at the time of the shelling, held 90 of the animals. Six cows died immediately, and another 40 are still in bad condition, under the care of a veterinarian who, putting himself at risk, came to their aid.

As manager of the dairy barn, Marcello Waser, described it, he was working at the barn with his crew at around 4:00 p.m., when the sirens went off, followed shortly thereafter by the sound of an incoming mortar. "I heard the siren in time, but took a quick look around the barn, because the fortified area near the milking facility was pretty far away - and then the shell hit - not 15 meters from me."

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