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  אב 22, 5774 , 18/08/14

Magnetic Beads Perforate Toddler's Intestines

Over the past number of days, two children, aged 10 months and 12 years, respectively, have been brought into the emergency room at Haifa's Rambam hospital after having swallowed tiny magnetic beads that are part of some of the toys out right now.

When the toddler's parents observed their child swallowing the beads, they immediately took him to the emergency room.  After taking x-rays, it was determined that two groups of beads had settled in different parts of the intestine, and due to the magnetic attraction to each other even through the thin membranes, it had permitted the beads to meet, eventually perforating the intestine.

According to the head of the hospital's Pediatric Gastroenterology Department, Professor Ron Shaul, "These magnetic beads make it very difficult for the doctors. We always hope that the body will naturally expel the foreign objects, and in cases where it doesn't, we can aid the process by use of a colonoscopy.  But in this instance, the beads stayed inside and damaged the intestines. Now our only option is to perform surgery, extricate the beads, and try to repair the damage to the intestines."

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