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  אב 22, 5774 , 18/08/14

Lapid: We Can't Say that Protective Edge has Ended

At this morning's (Monday) Yesh Atid faction meeting, Minister of Finance, Yair Lapid, addressed the topic of Operation Protective Edge, saying, "About a month and a half ago we had to go ahead with Operation Protective Edge, and it is still not possible to declare that the operation has ended.  The campaign can only be declared as over when the residents of the south have full security and quiet restored to them."

"We cannot agree to place ourselves in the position where after a short period of time we find ourselves subject to more violence time and time again. All future agreements must be based on the dismantling of the Hamas infrastructure, and ensuring that full control of funds invested into Gaza Strip are applied to rebuilding it, and I am proposing the establishment of an international committee to achieve these goals.  We cannot allow any diplomatic agreements without broad international support, as any other attempt will surely revert into the cycle of violence we have experienced," he said.

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