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  אב 21, 5774 , 17/08/14

Hadera Hareidi Community Furious at Mayor's Efforts to Stay Open for Business on Shabbat

The hareidi community in Hadera is enraged by the town's mayor, Tzvika Gendelman's (of the Yesh Atid faction) decision to follow in Tel Aviv's footsteps and allow businesses to open their doors on the Sabbath and on Jewish holidays.

Yediot Aharonoth reported on Sunday that the mayor's decision will allow businesses along the beach and Route 4 to remain open on Shabbat and holidays, while the rest of the city's businesses will remain closed.

The orthodox community views this as a result of the 'secular winds blowing in from Tel Aviv', where the City Council passed a by-law enabling businesses to stay open, despite the decisions of the courts and Minister of the Interior Gideon Sa'ar.  They said, too, that the mayor is 'testing the boundaries' in order to determine how to respond to the hareidi community in Hadera.

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