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  אב 21, 5774 , 17/08/14

Bus Drivers to Take Course Qualifying Them to Deal with Security Situations

Public transportation bus drivers will have the opportunity to take a short course that will qualify them to deal with basic security situations that they have to deal with at times. Qualified drivers will receive a certificate giving them the authority to conduct body searches, when deemed necessary, and be able to demand names and the identity number of a suspicious passenger, as well the authority to hold him until police arrive at the scene.

'Dan North' will start its course tomorrow (Monday), which will include basic self-defense training where the drivers perform exercises to put what they learn into practice. They will also be guided in being able to identify suspects, as well as various explosive materials, including how to handle them. At the same time, the drivers will receive guidelines on passenger rights, and their obligation to uphold them.

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