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  אב 19, 5774 , 15/08/14

Yoram Sheftel: Did the US Negotiated with Al Qaeda?

Attorney Yoram Sheftel spoke with Arutz Sheva's weekly magazine, expressing his dismay at the way Operation Protective Edge is coming to an end.

"We are officially negotiating political agreements with a terror organization," he said. "The headlines may read 'Ceasefire', but it is actually only a ceasefire until Hamas feels like violating it," he continued, stressing that no civilized country in the world had ever succumbed to pressure to do anything like this before.

"The United States never negotiated with Al Qaeda to obtain their assurances that there would be no second Twin Towers attack for a few years.  There is no civilized Western country that negotiates with terror organizations," he said.

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