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  אב 8, 5774 , 04/08/14

Brig. Gen. Katz: Possibility of Northern Tunnels Being Thoroughly Investigated

The Forum of Residents Living on the Confrontation Line met yesterday (Sunday) with Brigadier General Moni Katz, Commander of the 91st Division which deals with investigation of security matters, to discuss the potential threat posed by the possibility tunnels along the northern border. 

General Katz told the town mayors and citizens present that any suspicion of the existence of tunnels had been investigated thoroughly by experts in this field, and that to date, no tunnels had been detected along the Lebanese border. At the same time, the matter of concern over rocket attacks and ground force attacks by Hezbollah was raised to which the General replied that ample procedures for the protection of the population had been set in place along the border.

Chairman of the Forum and mayor of the town of Vradim, Sivan Yehiel said, "We live under an increasing security threat, and the first order of business at this time is to prepare accordingly. The emphasis right now is on the south, but we shouldn't 'fall asleep while on watch'."

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