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  אב 8, 5774 , 04/08/14

Tzipi Livni: We Gave Our Approval to the Military All Across the Board

Minister of Justice Tzipi Livni had harsh words for the “sour spin”, as she put it, that Israeli media was putting out in its reporting lately.

In an interview this morning (Monday) with Galei Tzahal (Army Radio), Livni said, “Take a look at the current situation and what we have achieved thus far. Their leadership is still burrowed in, and they don’t dare show their heads above ground.  True, have a lot of 'Dachiyot' (Dachiya is a Beirut neighborhood that Hezbollah burrowed into and took control of), but they have 1,800 dead but have not attained even one of their goals. With them, there will always be the one who will stick his head out of his bunker to say ‘We won!’, and with us, there will always be someone who will rush to tell us, 'We lost!'"

“However,” stressed Livni, “there is not anything that the military echelons set out to do that we did not give our approval for.”

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