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  אב 7, 5774 , 03/08/14

Terrorists ID'd and Neutralized Before They Could Open Fire

This afternoon (Sunday), IDF forces from the Paratroopers Brigade identified terrorists in a house located in the Gaza Strip which was being used to prepare anti-tank missiles. The tanks opened fire on the house, collapsing the building and eliminating the terrorists.

At the same time, members of the Givati Brigades uncovered 150 mortar shells in yet another Hamas tunnel. Earlier this afternoon, in a cooperative effort, Givati and Armored Brigade forces exchanged fire with a terrorist cell which fled to a neighboring building from additional tunnel shafts. Rounds were fired at the house, killing three terrorists.  Shortly thereafter, IDF forces blew up the tunnel route.

Since this morning, the IAF has succeeded in their attacks on eight terrorists, and since midnight, the IDF has attacked 40 terror targets throughout the Gaza Strip.

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