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  אב 1, 5774 , 28/07/14

Rabbi Shalom Cohen: We Must Be Grateful to the Soldiers

Thousands of worshipers attending a prayer rally last night as the first yahrzeit (anniversary of death) of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Ztz'l approaches, heard the President of the Council of Torah sages offer a special blessing for the safety and return of the IDF's soldiers. "May G-d watch over them that they should not have to sacrifice their lives, and may they brought back safe and sound," Rabbi Cohen's voice resounded.

After reciting Psalms in light of the security situation in the south, Rabbi Cohen burst into tears as he spoke of those soldiers who had died in the protection of their land and their people. "Every eye should fill with tears for the soldiers who have laid down their lives to save the people of Israel," he continued as he stirred the public to think of danger the soldiers were in on the front in Gaza. "We, who sit and study Torah in the yeshivas (Torah acadamies), must be grateful and increase our Torah study and prayer during the 9 days (the final 9 days of the 3 weeks leading up to the 9th of Av).

"Rabbi Ovadia, Ztz'l, gave his entire life for the people of Israel, and we now ask him to stand in prayer for the protection of these soldiers," the Rabbi concluded.

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