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  תמוז 27, 5774 , 25/07/14

Sheba Nurse Suspended: Called Soldiers War Criminals

An Israeli Arab nurse at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer, east of Tel Aviv, was suspended this week after saying on Facebook that "Israeli soldiers are war criminals," according to Israel's Doctors Only Website. The nurse was invited to a hearing to give his side of the story but refused.

Sheba Manager Zeev Rothstein said that such a false accusation was unacceptable at any time, especially by a civil servant. He added, "Sheba is an island of tolerance for all staff and those who enter its gates. Damage to that value, in such a blatant way,  cannot pass unnoticed, especially in this period where the whole hospital is mobilized to treat soldiers and civilians, as well as the wounded and sick Palestinians who come from Gaza. Anyone who violates the principle of tolerance does not belong with us."

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