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  תמוז 25, 5774 , 23/07/14

Dep. Mayor: Change Jerusalem's "Gaza Street" to "Protective Edge"

Jerusalem's Deputy Mayor, Meir Turgeman, intends to place a suggestion before the city council to change the name of "Gaza Street" ( Rechov Aza) to "Protective Edge Street" (Rechov Tzuk Eitan). "Gaza Street is one of the central streets in our city, located in one of our oldest neighborhoods - Rehavia," Turgeman said this evening.

Gaza Street begins at the intersection of Paris Square, King George, Keren HaYesod and Rambam streets, and it spans until the intersection with Rabbi Yitzhak Halevi Hertzog Avenue next to the Valley of the Cross (Emek Hamatzleva) and the Monastery of the Cross. The street is named ’’Gaza Street’’ because it was built on a part of the historical road from Jaffa Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem to the south Mediterranean coast, including the city of Gaza.

"As I was passing by, the name suddenly grated on my nerves. And it is my intention at the next City Council meeting to suggest that the name be changed to "Tzuk Eitan Street"," Turgeman explained.

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