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  תמוז 25, 5774 , 23/07/14

Southern Farmers to be Allocated Funds for Protection

The Ministry of Finance today (Wednesday) announced to the Chairman of the Knesset Agricultural Lobby, MK Zevulun Kalfa, an immediate allocation of NIS3.5 million for the protection of agricultural areas in the south of the country. The announcement was pursuant to the efforts put forth during the last two weeks by Mr. Kalfa to obtain this objective.

MK Kalfa today said, "After considerable effort, the Ministry has agreed to the allocations of these funds, so that farmers in the south can continue to farm under more protected conditions, and without constantly risking their lives."

It will be recalled that the government had decided last week to allocate over NIS400 million shekels to southern communities, but the Ministry of Defense refused help for the farmers, saying there were no funds available.

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