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  תמוז 25, 5774 , 23/07/14

Aliza Lavie: Why Are Women Relegated to Safe Rooms with Kids?

In a joint meeting of the State Comptroller’s Committee held today (Wednesday) at the Knesset with the Committee for the Advancement of Women in the Public Sector, MK Aliza Lavie complained to the committee that, “there is a 100% disparity in workplace attendance between men and women living in the Gaza Envelope. This is the structure of Israeli society: whoever earns less must stay at home with the children.  In terms of legislation, Israel is one of the most advanced nations, but it is anything but the norm within the day-to-day way of life.”

Professor Bat Sheva Kerem, of the Hebrew University, noted that less than 10% of the professors in the experimental sciences are women.  “This is a huge deficiency,” she said, “and although we are starting a new recruitment campaign at this time, we do not even have a sufficient pool of post-doctoral candidates to look at,” she added.

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