News Briefs

  7/17/2014, Tammuz 19, 5774

Administrative Exile for Bat-Ayin Youth

The Honenu legal-aid organization reported, Thursday afternoon, that commander Nitzan Allon of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has issued an administrative order to keep an 18-year-old from Bat Ayin away from certain places for six months, including his parents' home in the Judean Jewish community.

Honenu, which is assisting the youth, issued a statement saying, "We're sorry that even when the state is being attacked by Arab missiles, the Israel Security Agency chooses to continue to obsessively persecute the [Jewish] residents of Judea and Samaria." The statement continued, "We condemn the IDF's use of administrative orders, without due process and hearings, against Jews who love the people and the land."