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  תמוז 16, 5774 , 14/07/14

Palestinian Arab Doctor Accuses Israel of Genocide

Dr. Izz al-Din Abu Ayyash, the Palestinian Arab doctor whose two daughters were killed in an IDF airstrike during Operation Cast Lead in 2009, is accusing Israel of committing “genocide of Palestinians”.

In an article he published in the Canadian Globe and Mail newspaper, Abu Ayyash, who lives in Toronto today, wrote, “The Palestinians are suffering of occupation for about five decades. Palestinians in Gaza Strip are facing the third war against Gazans in less than six years. How much can people tolerate?”

“How much more killing, suffering and pain can Israelis do and Palestinians endure. There have been hundreds of strikes recently by Israel, with more than 50 innocent people killed and 500 severely wounded. Gaza Strip is being bombarded. It is war against women and children, who constitute 70 per cent of the Gaza Strip population; it’s human genocide,” he added.

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