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  תמוז 8, 5774 , 06/07/14

'Islamic State' Leader Makes First Public Appearance in Iraq

The elusive head of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) - which recently declared an "Islamic State" in regions under its control and called on Muslims throughout the world to accept him as their leader - has appeared in public for the first time. Dressed entirely in black - a reference to his claims of direct descent from Mohammed, the founder of Islam - Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi delivered a sermon in the city of Mosul, which was recently captured from the Iraqi government by Sunni rebels led by his own forces. 

"The mujahedeen have been rewarded victory by God after years of jihad, and they were able to achieve their aim and hurried to announce the caliphate and choose the Imam", he said referring to himself, according to a translation by the Guardian.

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