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  תמוז 8, 5774 , 06/07/14

Cholent Saves Jerusalem Yeshiva from Terror Attack

Fifteen Palestinian Arab teenage terrorists from Silwan attacked the Diaspora Yeshiva on Mount Zion in Jerusalem Friday night, hurling stones at students eating the traditional Shabbat meal, according to hareidi news site B'Hadrei Hareidim

The rocks shattered the front door, creating panic in the dining hall for the unarmed yeshiva students. The yeshiva students began throwing whatever they could at the rioters to defend themselves from the attack, including metal chairs and even boiling water and a pot of chulent, or the traditional meat stew kept hot overnight on Shabbat. The terrorists fled and did not return. 

News of the unconventional save has gone viral Sunday - but leaders of the yeshiva are not amused. 

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