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  סיון 19, 5774 , 17/06/14

'Zoabi in the Knesset Akin to Al-Qaeda Rep. in US Gov't'

Members of the Jewish Home party related to the statement made by MK Hanin Zoabi on Tuesday, claiming that the “Abductors are not terrorists,” saying that, “Hanin Zoabi persists in representing terrorists in the Knesset. Her provocations hurt the public she represents.”

“Zoabi’s presence in the Knesset proves that the State of Israel is the world’s most tolerant country when it comes to minorities and when it comes to supporters of terrorists, seemingly too tolerant. Just like we would not see a representative of Al-Qaeda sitting as a member of the US Parliament and encouraging the murder of American citizens, the time has arrived for Israeli legal authorities to act against MK Zoabi.” 

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