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  סיון 14, 5774 , 12/06/14

Yesh Atid Minister Challenges Party Leader over 'Greater Israel'

Speaking Thursday, Education Minister Shai Piron said that Israel needed to retain its vision of the Complete Land of Israel. Piron, speaking to a large group at the University of Ariel, said that Israel "cannot continue to agree to limiting our great vision. For me, paradoxically, the vision of the Complete Land of Israel will strengthen the connection between our young people and the Land's borders."

In his speech, Piron was addressing one of the great rifts in Israeli society. Leftists often accuse supporters of Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria of taking money that should be used for the poor and needy and "wasting it" on buildings and roads that will eventually be surrendered to the Palestinians anyway. According to Labor MK Stiv Shafir, "government money being wasted on settlements" is a prime reason why there is no money for the poor.

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