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  סיון 11, 5774 , 09/06/14

Steinitz: Don't Leave Iran on Nuclear Threshold

Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz said, Monday, “An international agreement that leaves Iran on the threshold of nuclear capability is worse than no agreement at all.”Addressing the Herzliya Conference on security and policy, he said a successful agreement, he said, would allow Iran to access nuclear power for civil use but leave it incapable of enriching enough uranium to produce nuclear weapons. If Iran is left on the threshold, he warned, "Sooner or later Iran will reach nuclear capability, just like North Korea, which signed many agreements. Two or three years later, it broke through to nuclear weaponry. Today, we know it has 5-12 nuclear missiles."

A bad agreement would embolden other states to seek nuclear weapons without concern for sanctions. "They will say, if it's possible for Iran to be considered legitimate and on the threshold of nuclear capability, why not give the same to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, or Turkey?"

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