News Briefs

  6/8/2014, Sivan 10, 5774

2 Presidential Candidates Disclose Finances

Presidential candidates Reuven Rivlin and Dalia Dorner joined Dalia Itzik in a show of their finances, Sunday, following corruption allegations that forced Member of Knesset Binyamin Ben-Eliezer out of the race.

Dorner declared the four-room apartment in Jerusalem where she has been living since 1974, a 2004 Volvo and 35,000-shekel ($10,000) pension for her service as an officer in the military and as a judge. Rivlin also had a four-room apartment that he purchased about 40 years ago, a training fund (keren hishtalmut in Hebrew) of NIS 450,000 ($124,000) and an investment portfolio of 300,000 shekels ($87,000).