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  סיון 10, 5774 , 08/06/14

Australian Auction House Faces Controversy Over Nazi Memorabilia

Australian Jewish leaders condemned the auction of over 20 items of Nazi memorabilia on Thursday, blaming an Adelaide auction house for the "irresponsible" decision to allow the sale to go through despite the items being rejected by eBay. Mason Gray Strange Auction House held the sale, which included over 560 items from World Wars I and II. Nazi-related items included flags, a gas mask case, and SS swords; several of the items sold for between $300 and $700.

"There are various ways of looking at this," Jewish Community Council of South Australia president Norman Schueler told the Daily Mail Thursday. "The obvious thing - but not in this case - is that people are hoarding and keeping manifestations of an evil part of world’s history." Schueler stated that the sale supports neo-Nazism, and is a blow to Holocaust survivors worldwide. 

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