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  סיון 10, 5774 , 08/06/14

Lost in Translation? Persecuted Guatemalan Jews from Lev Tahor

Controversy continues over reports that a small town in Guatemala has called for the systematic expulsion of Jews, according to Jewish news agency La Agencia Judía de Noticias, after one local leader explained that vocal dissident Misael Santos is actually a member of cult group Lev Tahor.

Spanish-language news site Prensa Libre originally reported last month that a "small group of Jews" had been facing persecution from local authorities - including Nazi-like 'Jew registers,' a blind eye to physical attacks on the community, and a specific request to leave - based solely on the testimony of Santos, a convert to Judaism who emigrated to the community. The news site failed to specify the source of the newfound 'waves of immigrants' to the small community, nor did it identify the group as ousted cult Lev Tahor. 

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