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  סיון 4, 5774 , 02/06/14

Opposition Leader Slams PM on Housing Costs

Chairman Yitzhak Herzog of the Labor party criticized Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Monday, in response to figures published by the Bank of Israel on Sunday which indicated consumers' ability to rent a home was not lower in 2012 than in 2004  and the ability to purchase a home declined markedly between 2004 and 2012, primarily in the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv districts, increasing only in Haifa.

Writing on his Facebook page, the Opposition Leader asked if people remember the "supertanker" that Netanyahu promised in the first of his latest terms to cut bureaucracy and make housing cheaper, noting the bank's figures of an increase in the dozens of percentage points. Referring to Finance Minister Ya'ir Lapid, he added, "What is the government is doing in the meantime? Establishing another committee, sending up more spin and demonstrating activity. As with housing, so it is in other areas. The gap between the Netanyahu's and Lapid's declarations and reality has never looked bigger," 

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