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  סיון 3, 5774 , 01/06/14

Wolf Foundation Prize Shared by 9

President Shimon Peres presented the prestigious 2014 Wolf Foundation Prize to eight outstanding scientists and a representative of the arts, Sunday evening, in a ceremony at the Knesset. The five $100,000 prizes were shared by Professor Jorge Dubcovsky (USA), Prof. Joachim Messing (USA) and Prof. Leif Andersson (Sweden) in agriculture; Prof. Chi-Huey Wong (Taiwan) in chemistry; Prof. Clive Sarnak (USA) in mathematics; and Prof. Nahum Sonenberg (Canada) in medicine; and Olafur Eliasson (Denmark) in the arts."

Peres said the winners' contributions to humanity were immense, telling them they were repairing the world and providing healing for those who need it. Citing unlimited breakthroughs by international science, he said Israel was proud to encourage science, to lead developments and innovations and to contribute, through science, to breaking away from poverty, to eliminating hunger in the Middle East and to education.

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