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  סיון 3, 5774 , 01/06/14

Upper Nazareth Key to Saving Galilee, Says Mayor

Upper Nazareth (Natzrat Illit) Mayor Alex Gadalkin met this week with MKs and ministers, begging them for help – before his city deteriorates completely. In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Gadalkin said that the city needed major intervention to ensure it remains viable.

Upper Nazareth is a development town rife with social problems, Gadalkin said. “After our teenagers finish the army, they leave the city and don't come back here to live. We have one of the oldest populations per capita in the country. Half of the city's residents are new immigrants, who need a great deal of assistance. And we have a very high rate of single mothers,” he added. If the government doesn't intervene soon, Gadalkin said, Israel will "lose" its city, and maybe the whole Galilee.

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