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  אייר 27, 5774 , 27/05/14

ADL Alarmed at Success of Extremists in European Votes

The Anti-Defamation League voiced concern, Tuesday, at the growing success of extremist parties on the left and the right, including neo-Nazi parties, in the European Parliament elections, on the heels of the attack at the Brussels Jewish Museum, in which four people were murdered by an unidentified gunman in an attack authorities have described as potentially motivated by anti-Semitism.

ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman said, "The atmosphere for Jews in Europe is deteriorating. The murderous attacks in Brussels this past weekend and two years ago in Toulouse, and the rising number of assaults on Jews, such the attack in Paris on Saturday, are stark examples of the very real dangers facing Jews." He added, "The alarming electoral successes of the extremists will only contribute to increasing that sense of insecurity. If Jewish life in Europe is to continue and thrive, it will require a serious commitment from all European governments and E.U. institutions to turn the tide. The choice is theirs and the time is now."

The strong sense of insecurity among European Jews was revealed in the disturbing results of polling in Jewish communities throughout the European Union by the E.U,’s own Fundamental Rights Agency, which highlighted the sense of fear.

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