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  אייר 23, 5774 , 23/05/14

Song and Prayers for David's Tomb

A massive prayer and song session was held, Thursday evening in Gan Habonim (the builder's park) at the foot of the Tomb of King David, just outside the walls of Jerusalem's Old City, as a call against the government's transfer of parts of the site to the Vatican, among other holy sites. Among the artists who appeared were  Shlomo Katz, Eliezer Botzer, Ovadia Hamama, Haim David and Yoseph Kardoner.

Organizer Eldad Eilat called the gathering "a quiet protest", explaining that under a certain Jewish perspective, crying out was a special matter to avoid the evil decree. He added, "Religious and secular come to our events. We have no gender agenda. It's a net supplication to G-d and at the end of the evening we shout together as the sound of a shofar. That's what we were handed down from our teachers."

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