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  אייר 20, 5774 , 20/05/14

Child-Welfare Council Asked to Help Detainees Lawyer Up

The family of a 16-year-old Jerusalem boy arrested by the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet, Shabak, General Security Service), who has been denied access to legal counsel, asked the Council for the Welfare of the Child, Tuesday, to intervene on his behalf. In a letter to Council Chairman Yitzhak Kadman, his parents said he was seized on a Jerusalem street last Wednesday and since then they have not seen or heard from him and don't know what condition he is in. He has been denied access to an attorney from the Honenu legal-aid organization and the reason for his arrest is still unknown.

Describing themselves as helpless and their request as a last resort, the parents said it was unthinkable in a democracy like Israel's, such treatment of children could go without a response. They also asked where were the champions of human rights and concern for minors. Dozens of family members demonstrated outside a courthouse demanding that the children be permitted to see an attorney and that they be released.

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