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  אייר 20, 5774 , 20/05/14

IDF Meets Resistance During Jenin Arrest Operations

The Israel Defense Forces arrested seven wanted terror suspects, Monday evening, in the Palestinian Authority (PA)-assigned areas of Samaria (Shomron). One of the arrests was in the northern Samarian city of Jenin, where soldiers found many weapons, including an improvised explosive device and other improvised weapons, as well as knives and various types of ammunition. Shots were fired at the troops, who were also targeted with explosives and firebombs but no injuries were reported.

Three arrests were reported in Jizloun, north of Ramallah. Single arrests were reported in Boudrous, northwest of the PA government seat, Beita Al-Fouka, south of Shechem, and Rafat, southeast of Kalkilye.

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