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  אייר 16, 5774 , 16/05/14

Netanyahu to Hagel: Don't Let the Ayatollahs Win

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel of the United States, Friday, that world powers must deny Iran any possibility of developing a nuclear weapon, according to Agence France Presse. Speaking at the beginning of a meeting in Jerusalem, Netanyahu was quoted by his office as saying, "I think that, while the talks with Iran are going on, there is one thing that must guide the international community and that is not to let the ayatollahs win."

Netanyahu repeated his demand for the Palestinian Authority (PA) to cancel its reconciliation with Hamas as a condition for renewal of diplomatic talks. Against the backdrop of the Anti-Defamation League report citing Hamas-run Gaza and Fatah-led Judea and Samarian (Shomron) sections of the PA for "continual incitement and propaganda against the very existence of the Jewish state" which "is the most troubling on the planet", Netanyahu said, "I think the Palestinians have to make a simple choice, a pact with Hamas or peace with Israel, but they can't have both."

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