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  אייר 11, 5774 , 11/05/14

Kashrut Alert: Lettuce, Wholesale Fish, J'm Candy Shop

The Chief Rabbinate's latest kashrut update, released Sunday evening, included a warning of an aphid infestation in lettuce from Yod Yevulei Katif that was received after May 6th. The rabbinate told retailers and consumers to return the lettuce.

The update warned wholesale customers to look in cartons of imported kosher fish to make sure they did not contain insects, crustaceans, unkosher fish and parasites following recent discoveries. The rabbinate stressed that cartons of fish for the retail market had no problems.

The Jerusalem Rabbinate removed the kashrut of the Olam Hamamtakim candy shop in the Central Bus Station. Noting that the owner of the store refused to return his certificates, the rabbinate said not to trust the certification displayed there.

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