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  אייר 11, 5774 , 11/05/14

IDF Order Blocks Freedom of Information Request

A three-judge panel of the Supreme Court quashed, Sunday, a petition by Yoseph Maimon, the Samarian Jewish community of Pesagot, north of Jerusalem, and the Regavim Movement for Protection of State Lands which sought to disclose the ownership of lands in the Palestinian Authority village of Sinjil, near Pesagot. The appeal of a Jerusalem District Court decision was filed after Maimon was barred from looking up the information by virtue of an order by the Defense Ministry's Civil Administration for Judea and Samaria (Shomron).

Pesagot and Regavim followed up under the Freedom of Information Act and the District Court ruled in their favor. The Civil Administration appealed and on the eve of a hearing on the matter, Central District Commander Nitzan Alon signed an order making it harder for Jews to get information about land registration in the area. The Supreme Court told the plaintiffs they would have to refile or attack the order which blocked their petition.

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