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  אייר 9, 5774 , 09/05/14

Arrested Teens' 'Nationalist Weapons': Hammer and Nail

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir attacked police, Friday, for making unnecessary arrests. As one of two lawyers from the Honenu legal-aid organization who are representing two teenagers arrested before dawn for having "means for committing nationalist crimes", he said the teenagers had work tools and not vandalism implements.

Speaking ahead of a hearing for extension of their remand, Ben-Gvir said, "A hammer and nail are not the tools of 'price tag', but an accepted  tool in Israel. They don't arrest people for possessing them and certainly don't suspect them of paragraphs [of the legal code -ed.] appropriate for underground groups ... while the S[amaria (Shomron)] J[udea] District still has not heard that in Israel they use nails for work, but this story illustrates and explains why police have failed again and again."

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