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  אייר 9, 5774 , 09/05/14

Wortzman: Don't Overlook Those who Want Our Undoing

Member of Knesset Avi Wortzman (Jewish Home) called on people, Friday, to learn the lessons of World War II. Speaking to hundreds of veterans of the war to mark the anniversary of the Allied victory in Europe, He said, "Six million Jews who were murdered serve as a silent tombstone that reminds us not to ignore. We should not underestimate those who seek evil to befall us and we must not ignore the explicit calls coming out of the mouths of foreign leaders and dictators against our people and against our country."

Making it clear that Israel won't be deterred "by growing racism, anti-Semitism and the calls for our destruction," he promised, as deputy education minister, to continue to see to it that the young generation of Israelis learn about and recognize the veterans' heroism and the values for which they fought. More importantly, he said, the government has a duty to make sure they live out their years in dignity.

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