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  אייר 4, 5774 , 04/05/14

Knesset Speaker: A Mistake in Remembering the Soldiers

Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein said, Sunday afternoon, that there was a lot of talk in the past year about the equal burden of service, but there was no equality and there won't be equality, given the way different people react to someone being killed or going missing. Delivering a Memorial Day address at the Yad Labanim (memorial to the children) memorial in Jerusalem, he added that there was no equality between those whose wounds are physical and those whose wounds are mental; no equality in the burden of pain and no equality in dedication.

Edelstein continued, "I don't want to make a mistake of language at this terrible moment, but it appears to me we have made a mistake in our remembering the soldiers when we neglected the moral discourse and turned it into a strange, cold, alienating one." He concluded, "Love of the land is not a burden. Dedication for the nation is not a yoke. Defeating the enemy and sticking to the mission, protecting the homefront and standing on the frontline are the values - basic values in whose name our soldiers acted and act."

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